Can be completed Solo in 1 day or under

French River Provincial Park

Difficulty ☆☆☆☆☆ 3.6/5 There are many classes of waters in the park. From Beginner to Class iv Rapids. Portage around if needed. Distance: 105km Main RouteDistance can vary depending on wind and what route you take to navigate big lakes. Or what Access you start at.Length: 2-10 DaysYou can explore some of this park in 1 day or two days, or spend 10 paddling old voyageur routes.Features: 105km Route with interconnecting lakes and rapids The Route: Park Overview of French River. To Help Plan your Paddle. The French River Provincial Park Route Paddle Planner Map. This River was the first designated Canadian Heritage River, holding significance as a national historical trade route. Used by Indigenous, French Explorers, Fur Traders, and Voyageurs from all over. A significant 105km Route with interconnecting lakes and rapids to bring you from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay, with some coastal kayaking on the Delta.I will…

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Slate River Spring Rapids R1

DATA Maps, Photos, Directions, and Notes. Length 3 Hours Water Class Class A / Class 1 / Class II / Class III Distance 15KM Cool Features RAPIDS Test Route Launch form North east End Side of the bridge. Right from the start you get into moving water and their is not many spots where it dies down. (April - Early Spring Only) The River is only navigable during high water. And be careful as it sometimes changes paths. This is a Class II/ Class III river. Please use caution and have training or experience before attempting White Water. Directions and Tips:We Parked on Gillesple Rd. Make sure to park way off to the side as it is an active road. You will need Two Vehicles, or a friend. Make sure you each have Keys. This route will take you past some rock cuts, houses and end back onto the KAM, from their…

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