Distance can vary depending on wind and what route you take to navigate big lakes. Or what Access you start at.

Length: 4-7 days

Features:  Rapids c1-c4 depending on water levels and time of year. Beautiful river paddling, remote. 

The Route:

Day 1: Completed the route from Kap R bridge to Kap L, portaged to Kayedon L & Ogoki L, back upstream on the Ogoki R and Ottertail R to Ogoki Road, 5km walk back to Kap R bridge. About 175km total.

Took 8 days with short daylight hours, including my driving time. Had unseasonably great weather for the first four (bringing back plenty of bugs), seasonably dreary weather for the final four.
Very enjoyable whitewater on the lower Kap, though surprisingly bad fishing for me probably due to the heat wave. Challenging upriver travel at times on the Ogoki R but with great rewards: exceptional walleye fishing and great wildlife once the temps cooled a bit.
Cleared portages but they were in surprisingly decent shape, particularly the watershed-crossing port from Kap L (1.75km) which was really shocking. GPS’d the rapids, portages, campsites, etc. in detail.
The only downside was the Ogoki R from Amy Falls upstream to the Ottertail R. I heard much noise pollution there (must’ve been a massive timber haul going on), the paddling is monotonous, camping and fishing took a nosedive, and things are fairly junked up (especially the hunt camp at the top of Amy Falls, it was really a shame). Was nice again once on the Ottertail. But otherwise a terrific route.
Too much to go through on my cameras but here are a few pics from my phone. Will be a video in the coming months. Photos and Diary by Jonathan Ontario
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