Distance 6km  or 20 Km to end and back

Length: 1-2 days

Features: Great Fishing

The Route: Jacob Lake

Access:  A good 4×4 is needed to get into this lake, That being said i did it with my Grand Vitara.. But i have years of 4×4 experience and i could of taken my Wrangler at the time. 

Jacob Lake Launch

The sandy and muddy Jacob Lake Launch

The multiple lakes is really one lake with a few small obstacles and narrows in-between that make it seem like multiple lakes. For this propose we will just call them Jacob 1, 2 and 3. Starting from East and moving west. 


Camps: There is really only 1 good camp site and its about 2km or 40 mins from the launch on the first Lake. Its on an island and is big enough for 2-3 small tents. Every time i go here it seems to be trashed. There are some jack ass people who don’t know how to pick up their mess. Its sad as its a beautiful Camp site. The last time my solo canoe was loaded and their is still garbage left. So if you go, Bring out what you can. 

Jacob Lake Island Camp Sunrise

Route: This is really just a simple one nighter or day trip, you can plan two nights and explore and do fishing. IN spring there’s a possibility of Traveling from Jacob down to Marks Through weikwabinonaw Lake. Those Routes will be added separate to allow sorting for 1 days trips. 

Fishing is good on the first lake but better on the second as its to hard to get a motors boat in. So enjoy the great Walleye Fishing.  Swimming is good in the second and first lakes, Possible the last but its weeded in some places. 

If you never Paddled at night time, it can be a treat!

Aurora on the lookout for moving objects

There are some beautiful things to see if you Paddle around.

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