Nym French Canoe Route

Difficulty ☆☆☆☆☆ 2/5 Be Careful on Pickerel Lake, Waves can get Big. Distance: 45Km - 50km depending on Pickerel Lake Length: 3-5 day relaxing paddle Features: Beautiful Beaches, Great fishing, and long, uninterrupted paddles. The Route: Nym Lake Via 11. - Batchewaung - Pickerel lake - French lake - Dawson Day 1:  This route i have not completed as one, but i have paddled each section on different occasions. Its a easy 3-5 day trip. Take your time, Relax, Fish and enjoy the scenes. Pickerel lake tends to Blow From West to East, (direction of Travel) waves can be big. Sails come in handy.

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