Albany River Route Provincial Park

The Albany River is considered a classic canoe route for a reason. Spanning just shy of a thousand kilometres, it is tied for the longest river in Ontario. It flows through some of the most remote regions in Ontario, starting in Lake St. Joseph and ending on the western shore of James Bay Difficulty ☆☆☆☆☆ 4.4/5 Distance:  1000km ++Length: Up to a MonthFeatures: One of the longest Rivers in Ontario The RouteDirectionsStarting at Rat Falls of Highway 599 Paddle the River up to James Bay. More Information Coming Soon. Take highway 599 which begins at Ignace on highway 17 and runs north 137 kilometres (85 miles) to Savant Lake and a further 150 kilometres to Lake Osnaburgh.There are outfitters on both Hwy 527 and 599 providing flight services for alternative drop ins.

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Severn River Provincial Park Route – Sandy Lake to Fort Severn 650Km

Difficulty ☆☆☆☆☆ 4/5 Distance: 650 KMLength: Three WeeksFeatures: Rapids, Waterfalls, Fast moving, Remote Wilderness The RouteThe river has several deadly rapids and waterfalls with some of the river being over 3km wide. The River splits into two channels, North and South Respectively, and the paddler can choose which to take. Paddle Carefully as their is not much to relax on. DirectionsThe Severn River is the largest River in the Far north of Ontario. Headwaters can be found in a a string of lakes Southwest of Sandy Lake. This is the most common Access point. 

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