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Very easy park to Paddle and Navigate. 

Distance can vary depending on wind and what route you take to navigate big lakes. Or what Access you start at.

Length: 3-12 Days

Depending if you want to just vist the castle, or paddle the whole park. 


White Otter Castle, Beautiful Clear lakes. 

The Route: White Otter Castle Clearwater Lake - Camp Bay - Hawkness Lake - Whiteotter Lake all Via Ann Bay Road

 Day 1:   We drove 5.2km up Ann Bay Road. Passing the Bridge and parking above the Hill to the Right.  Do not park before the hill blocking the gate. This is one of many access points you can take. The Portage trail and access is before the bridge on the left. It may help to unload your gear before you park your vehicle. 

We got in around 10am it was stormy and wet. By the time we got onto the lake it just started to stop raining. The First lake is Browns Clearwater. A beautiful clear lake that has some population. We made our way NE to take Camp Bay over to  Hawkness Lake. Their is no real portage just shallow enough water to walk ur boat over. It was an 18km day planned that turned into about 22.

We wanted to camp on an island but by the time we got to it, it was already populated. So we tracked north even more onto White otter Lake, pushing closer to the Castle. Eventually we found another camp spot and pitched for the night. It was located on an chain of island. all of which im sure have a spot on. It featured a large boulder that went 20 feet down into the water where  a nice ledge formed along the edge of the island. A really cool spot for fishing and swimming. 

We had beautiful weather and a few bottles of Canada’s Finest as we settled in for the night. 

Day 2:   We Woke up and Paddled on to the Castle, It was a shorter day today and We knew of a spot just before the castle we wanted to get to. A lovely camp spot that someone build a full Counter top right on the beach. Their was plenty of shade and some good swimming/fishing. 

By mid day we arrived, and then set up our camp. After a quick lunch we paddled the 500m over to the castle to view it. Now when i say castle, its not really a castle. but its impressive single man built 3 story high log house. Its a beaut. 

White Otter Castle

White Otter Castle

 We signed the guest book, took a look around and went back to our camp spot. 

Day 3:   Day three we paddled all the way back to Browns Clear water and camped on a beach right near our exit. The Next morning it was a short 3km paddle and we where out. 

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