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Intro To route – July 2019

R1: You have two lunch points to chose from, both will start you on Aylsworth lake. From that, you have a close campsite to each depending on when you arrive. Some chose to camp on the first camp spot if arriving late to make best out of the next day. (Camp spots will be updated on maps with usefulness when visited)

13 km across Alysworth lake into Twining, Take the top north river that bends around a small hill to the North West and loops back south into twining.  At the top of Twinning take the West branch small river. There is a huge open water north that tends to draw you that way but keep to the map and keep to the west.  

Portage or Rapids: This is a Class III rapid with a Class IV lower part. The middle section has a ledge. ITs to advanced for my skills so I did not run it. I Scouted it with a larger group of Paddlers who I caught up to on my trip. The portage is easy 300m, you will find the entrance on the south side of the river as you approach it.  When you get across there is a camp spot in between river and trail. You have to canoe to it. (trail no longer maintained) .. 



When at the Corner of the Graham road drive 52 km north. (this is a logging road) The road will split with a sign that shows BS River Park. Take that road up and you will have a small portage down to the lanch. 

Alternatively, you can go just past Km 53 over a bridge to a road that takes you west onto a river. There is no portage but often campers at this spot. It is where I launched from. 

The first Pickup is at Km 92. watch for the KM markers on right hand side of road. 

I only spent two days on this route as it was all I had. More route info coming soon and will be below. 


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