To Paddle: North through Lower Seine Lake P 65 m to Husband Lake Northeast through Husband Lake P 20 m into Letain East on Letain Lake P 500 m into Bradshaw Lake (old, overgrown, hard to follow!) Loop through Marmion Lake P 10 m across dam to Seine River diversion Finish at Lower Seine

Small distances, few and easy portages makes this loop good for beginners. 

Distance: 60km
Distance can vary depending on wind and what route you take to navigate big lakes. Or what Access you start at.

Length: 2-4 Days

The route can be done in a weekend to the accustomed paddler. 

Features:  Dams, Clear water, Flooded lands. 

The Route: North through Lower Seine Lake - Husband Lake - Letain -Bradshaw Lake -Marmion Lake - Seine River Diversion - Lower Seine


This is a short Circle Loop I completed in 47 Hours. It can be done in Two Days but to enjoy the route take it in 4-5. There are plenty of Fishing spots and lots of extra things to explore. This route you will often see people and there are many Camps.


To get to the launch From Hwy 11B/ Atikokan Head Northbound on Hwy 622 for 11.3km. Turn West at Pipline Road stay on for 3km. (This is an Access Road and can get rough)Turn Left onto Lower Seine Lake Boat Launch. It is parking only No Camping launch.

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